First Aid

E-Collar Extra Large (fits 12.25 - 21")

Fits Neck Size (12.25"- 21")
1 Collar

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Adjustable
  • Comfort Edging

Suggested Use:

The 21st Century Essential Pet Protective Collar is a safe and humane way to prevent pets from aggravating a healing wound or injury. It can also help break the lick/bite and itch/scratch cycles that some pets are prone to. The transparent material allows your pet to maintain its peripheral vision while the adjustable design and easy snaps ensure a secure fit.

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Ideal use for:

  • Medicines
  • After Surgery
  • Prevention of Licking
  • Hot Spots & Irritation
  • Prevention of Self-inflicted Wounds

Not applicable.

See product packaging for more information.

Carefully monitor your pet for the first several hours of use to ensure it has become used to wearing the collar without showing agitation or being distraught. Clean and inspect product on a regular basis. Discard if there is any damage, cracking, chipping or if any part becomes detached.

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