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Digital Thermometer

Measures rectal temperature of pets
1 Thermometer

  • Digital Rectal Thermometer for pets has a temperature range of 90-108° Fahrenheit with an accuracy of + or - 0.2° Fahrenheit.
  • Made in China

Suggested Use:

  1. Prior to first use: remove cap (A), pull battery tab (B) and replace cap. Thermometer is now ready for first use.
  2. Lubricate sterile thermometer tip with petroleum jelly (or similar).
  3. Ideally, work with two people when taking a rectal temperature. Hold your pet's body firmly, preventing the pet from sitting. Raise tail gently. Slowly insert only the metal tip into the rectum. Inserting the thermometer too far could cause injury to your pet.
  4. Thermometer will beep when ready. Read temperature from screen and record. If the thermometer does not beep within 60 seconds begin again.
  5. Remove thermometer gently and praise your pet.
  6. Depress on/off button (C) to save life of battery.
  7. Clean the thermometer tip with warm, soapy water. Swab the tip with rubbing alcohol. Pat dry and return to plastic case.

NOTE: Thermometer will read "Lo °F" or "Hi °F" when outside of operating range.

Battery is replaceable.

Not applicable.

For Use in Pets. Not for oral use. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Intended to measure your pet's rectal temperature.

See product packaging for more information.

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