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Protective Collar XLarge (Box)

Premium, Inflatable Collar for Pets
1 Collar

  • Inflatable Design
  • Helps protect pets from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.
  • Easier on your pet's neck than a cone!
  • Collar allows pets to eat and drink.

Suggested Use:

Please read before using collar on your pet.

  • Inflate by pinching and blowing into retractable air valve. Depress after filling inner tube with air.
  • Remove pet's collar and run it through inner ring straps of the protective collar. Make sure security strap is on the bottom side of protective collar.
  • Reattach collar around pet's neck. Adjust so the velcro tab and security strap are behind pet's head. Security strap will be on the bottom side of the protective collar.
  • Secure velcro tab so both ends of the protective collar are together. Note: Velcro will require moderate strength to pull apart.
  • Disconnect security strap and wrap one end around pet's chest behind front legs. Adjust for fit and reconnect.

Protective Collar Size Chart

Inflatable Collar SizeSize of Neck (circumference)
Tres petit
Up to 6 inches
(Maximum de 15.2 cm)
6 inches - 10 inches
(15.2 cm - 25.4 cm)
10 inches - 13 inches
(25.4 cm - 33.0 cm)
13 inches - 18 inches
(33 cm - 45.7 cm)
18 inches and up
(45.7 cm et plus)

Use to help protect your pet from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds. Plus, it's easier on your pet's neck than a cone!

Not applicable.

Caution: Protective inflatable collar may help protect your pet from reaching injury or wound. Some pets may be able to reach wounds on legs, paws and tail. The inflatable collar is not 100% guaranteed to prevent punctures, chewing or biting that can cause the tube to deflate. Monitor pet when wearing the protective inflatable collar.

Caution: Strong Velcro - avoid contact with clothing & fabrics that would catch on the hooks.

See product packaging for more information.

Washing Instructions: Hand or Machine Washable in warm water, mild detergent, dry flat.

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